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Breakfast fruit toast

I am a big fan of anything sweet with nut butter or tahini a steamy and crunchy slice of sourdough. Not long ago I saw on Cucina Botanica something similar that I fell in love with and I can’t stop making it when I am in the quest for a quick yet comforting breakfast or afternoon snack.

We all know how good nut butter or tahini is with jam, don’t we? But have you ever tried it with cooked fruit? It’s to die for and it’s time for you to give it a go!


½ pear

½ apple

A couple of sourdough slices

A pinch of salt

A pinch of cinnamon

¼ tsp vanilla paste

Vegetable oil or vegan butter for cooking

Nut butter or tahini

Nuts or seeds for sprinkling

Maple syrup


Slice the half pear and do the same with the apple but keep them separate.

In a pan, add a drop of cooking oil and throw in the pears (or the apples). Add a pinch of salt, vanilla and cinnamon. Cook until they are soft then set aside. Do the same with the other fruit, whichever you cook last.

In the same pan, toast a couple of slices of bread. Once done, spread your favourite nut butter or tahini on each slice: I used peanut butter with pear and tahini and apple combo, but the choice is yours!

Sprinkle with crushed nuts or seeds, edible flowers (optional) and a dash of maple syrup.

*The Cooking Flea recommends:

I used apple and pear, but the combos are endless. My favourites are:

  • Peanut butter or tahini + banana + pumpkin seeds

  • Apple + tahini + walnuts

  • Pear + tahini or peanut butter + pecans

  • Hazelnut butter + banana + chocolate chips

For those with bananas, no need to cook the fruit, just top it with raw, chopped or sliced bananas.

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