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Almond butter

After trying this homemade roasted almond butter, you won’t go back to the store-bought one.

All you need is almonds (or any other nuts), a bit of patience and a powerful blender.

I love to spread it on a crunchy slice of sourdough, to top a warm bowl of porridge and it’s also perfect to give risotto a creamier texture. I mean, it’s really delicious!

You can also find a short reel on my Instagram page @thecookingflea


280 g blanched almonds (or any other nuts)


I used blanched almonds, but you can also use the ones with the skin on and peel them by soaking them overnight.

Roast your almonds at 170°c for 8 to 10 minutes, then blend until runny and smooth.

You will need to stop your blender from time to time and scrap it with a spatula so all the crunchy bits will blend evenly.

For a runnier texture, you will need about 10 minutes. If you prefer it crunchy, just blend for a shorter amount of time.

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