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Wild garlic pesto

The recipe you have been all waiting for last week is finally here and it’s a special one because it’s made together with my partner Antonio. He is the king of pesto… after pizza and bread of course!

He agreed to share his secret pesto recipe with my community on one condition: that I wouldn’t include his face in the video I shared on my social media pages. And since it’s the recipe that matters, I am sure you won’t mind.

Speaking of the recipe, the first step is to go out and forage some wild garlic… The rest is explained below!


175g wild garlic leaves

120g olive oil

80g cashews

20g nutritional yeast

6g salt


Begin with wearing your outdoor shoes and heading for a walk in the woods to forage some wild garlic.

Once home, thoroughly rinse the wild garlic leaves then pat dry them with a tea towel or salad spinner.

Place the leaves in the blender with the oil and blend it all together. Then slowly add the salt, the cashews and the nooch. Keep blending and from time to time turn off the blender to clean it with a spatula. In less than 5 minutes you should have a silky pesto.

These quantities will make around 8 small jars of pesto and one jar itself is usually enough to season 2 portions of pasta (approx. 160g).

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