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Tempeh chips

“O tempeh, tempeh, wherefore art thou tempeh?” I couldn’t think of a better way to express all my love for tempeh!

You’ll fall in love with it once you try it, whether you are vegan or not, and it’s much more of an exotic food with a weird name.

Now, without further ado, below you can find my foolproof tempeh chips recipe: everyone who tried it loved it. I found this recipe years ago on Las Vegans cookbook by Paola Maugeri and so far, this is my favourite way to have tempeh.


250g tempeh

*5 tbsp soy sauce

10 tbsp water

*Flour for coating (I used rice flour)

Oil for frying


Slice the tempeh, about 3 mm thick, mix the water and the soy sauce together in a bowl or lunch box, then place the sliced tempeh to marinate. Leave it overnight, but 2 hours should do.

Once ready, drain the tempeh and coat each slice with flour. Deep fry the tempeh until it’s golden-brown on each side.

Drain any excess oil and serve sprinkling with sea salt and a few drops of lemon or lime.

*Use a gluten-free flour for a GF version.

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