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Roasted beans snack: three ways

WARNING: Highly addictive recipe.

These roasted crunchy beans are pure addiction and what makes me so proud, is the fact that I got this recipe the way I wanted with just two attempts.

Before you scroll down to read, let me tell you that:

- Apart from the beans, I have not measured the other ingredients. Just go as you feel!

- I made three different combinations of flavours, but the recipe is very forgiving and you can use and mix any spices you want.

- These beans will disappear in the blink of an eye (I am telling you!). But just in case you have any left over or you make a big batch, once cooled, store the beans in a glass jar. They are perfect as a mid-morning snack.

- Needless to say, but they are also gluten-free.

Now, grab a beer and enjoy!

INGREDIENTS for the “Bombay mix” cannellini beans:

230g cannellini beans (drained)





Garlic powder

Garam masala (or curry powder)

Black pepper

Chilli powder

Onion seeds

1 tbsp cornstarch or potato starch

INGREDIENTS for “Mexican Style” kidney beans:

230g kidney beans (drained)



Smoked Paprika

Hot paprika or chilli powder

Garlic powder

Lemon zest

Black pepper

1 tbsp cornstarch or potato starch

INGREDIENTS for “Italian herbs” chickpeas:

230g chickpeas (drained)





Garlic powder

Dried basil

Black pepper

1 tbsp cornstarch or potato starch


The instructions are the same for all of the three versions.

Preheat the oven at 200°C Fan. Drain and rinse the pulses (about 230 g drained weight) making sure they are well drained.

Mix the beans in a bowl with a splash of vegetable oil, salt and spices. Add about 1 tbsp cornstarch and mix again. If they look too dry, add more oil.

Spread the beans on a baking tray covered with parchment paper. Bake at 200°C Fan for 40 minutes, mixing them halfway through and opening the oven door from time to time to allow the steam out.

After 40 minutes, they should be nice and crispy, but turn off the oven and leave them inside 15 minutes more.

Let the beans cool down and enjoy!

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