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Pico de gallo

Today’s recipe brings us to Mexico, my favourite country in the world (after Italy, of course!)

Food in Mexico is such an important part of people’s daily life and that’s probably why I felt so home when I travelled there back in 2018.

And just like Italian food, Mexican food is all about the combination of simple yet flavorful ingredients. A good example? Pico de gallo, so easy and refreshing, perfect for a summer supper!


4 big tomatoes

½ onion

1 jalapeno or fresh chilli

1 lime, juiced

Salt to taste

A bunch of fresh coriander or parsley

Tortilla chips for dipping


Finely dice the onion, the chilli and place them in a bowl to marinate with the lime juice and salt.

Meantime, finely dice the tomatoes too and mix them together with the onions. Leave them to rest for at least 30 minutes as this will allow all the flavours to combine.

Once ready to eat, sprinkle with fresh coriander and enjoy with plenty of tortilla chips!

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